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Sublimation of Our Experience: Special Edition

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Through our personal experience, it is perceivable that we can build sublime feelings about things that seem simple and to which we normally don’t give much importance, it is a matter of living the moment fully and expanding our consciousness about ourselves. This is called SUBLIMATION, which, according to the dictionary definition, is to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth, elevate it to a higher degree.

During our lives, almost always unconsciously, we have sublimated several things, some of them destructive, connecting them with the way we felt emotionally and mentally at a certain moment, and we have also related aspects, which can be constructive for us, with negative moments on an emotional and mental level. When we start to realize that, we perceive the origin of many of our vices to food, to cigarettes, to emotions, to games, to people, to sex, to drugs, to drinking, etc., and we discover that we can consciously connect to more constructive habits through the feeling of love to ourselves.

Each action brings consequences, whether in short or long term, that is why it is important that we begin to choose more consciously and assertively the decisions we want to make to impact our lives, our health, energy levels, relationships with ourselves and with others, etc., constructively. For this reason, it is essential to know simple ways to sublimate diverse areas of our lives from the smallest details.

The reflection is: What have we sublimated that is destructive for us? Now that we have the answer, let’s read about the sublimation of our mental, creative, sexual, emotional and sentimental world, in this same article that is a special edition, focused on the expansion of consiousness, the broadening of perspective about what we can call invisible and sensitive world (ethereal?).

1. SUBLIMATION OF OUR MENTAL REALITY: Foundation of our relationships

The reality that exists in our mind, the one we nurture, is the way in which we live our own experience. We have several options and we perceive only the things we pay attention to, because it is what most of the time is being communicated to us, since we connect and identify with it. So if we decide to see everything as an adversity or a challenge, our lives show that to us, in everything we do, when we decide to see everything as learning we live our lives as an infinite experience of knowledge. It is, for this reason, that it is so important to verify the reality we are nurturing in our minds.

Recognizing how our mind influences the way we experience our present, we can follow simple steps to sublimate our mental reality constructively and in harmony with everyone and everything around us.

  1. Let’s ask ourselves: What thoughts do we have during the day that generate anxiety, stress, sadness, on ourselves? Which daily situations intensify those thoughts and emotions? Example: if we think about the country situation, we feel insecure, this is intensified when we watch the news and talk to people about it.

  2. With the destructive thoughts and emotions identified, we can work on them by transforming them into constructive actions that empower us. Example: we are looking for ways to reduce unnecessary needs (click here to see a step by step to assess our needs), to live with what is necessary, to save what we have now, to identify our talents to work contributing to the construction of more constructive, coherent and transparent models, wherever we are, this builds our self-confidence up.

  3. Let’s identify the thoughts and situations in our day that bring us tranquility and make us feel confidence about ourselves. Example: When we focus on doing something for which we are talented, when we spend time with ourselves, with our children, with animals, with people, with nature, etc.

  4. Let’s focus our energy on intention (thoughts, feelings, expression) in what makes us feel connected to ourselves and the world. Let’s learn something new about ourselves and the ways we have a more constructive impact from home.

The reflection is: How much time do we dedicate per day to sublimate what is constructive for us?


When we nourish an empowering reality, that reconnects ourselves with our trust within on ourselves and on our lives, we start integrating inner and outer information we receive in a more authentic way for expressing it, by questioning ourselves more about what comes to us, because we realize that we all are different and, at the same time, make all part of the collective reality that exists.

Now that we own a more constructive mental reality, and based on what is most appropriate for ourselves from our own experience, we are able to integrate some steps to increase our personal connection and let our creativity to flow, in every area of our lives.

  • Hydration: Are we conscious about our bodies’ quality of hydration? Example: the water we consume must have essential minerals to hydrate ourselves, so we can mineralize water with marine salt and a little baking soda, and solarize it, for me the result has been great, my body works better and ask for less liquids during the day. Let’s make researches and try them with our own bodies.

  • Nutrition: Do we eat to feed or nourishing ourselves? (Click here for reading full article about expanding our nutritional consciousness). Example: when we eat thinking just about balancing carbohydrates and proteins, we are ignoring minerals and vitamins, that are essential for the proper functionality of our bodies. I have stopped eating meat and dairy because I’ve realized that my intestine absorbs functional nutrients better and I need to eat less to feel more energized and healthy (click here to read about micronutrients and cell regeneration).

  • Breathing: Do we know the quality of our breathing? Example: our breathing gets shorter and we only use a part of our lung capacity to oxygenate our bodies. I’ve integrated a deep diafragmatic breathing during the day and I’ve felt more connected and at peace.

  • Cell regeneration: Do we sleep enough and give our bodies what they really need? Example: our bodies need certain time for regenerating and regulating themselves during sleep time, that is why it is so important to know how long we need to sleep in order to wake up energized. As I improve my nutrition, I realize that my body needs less time when I eat only what is necessary (click here for reading full article about cell regeneration).

By giving attention to our energetic levels, in an integrated way, we allow our creativity to easily flow at any present time, we get to connect to our flow state.

The reflection is: Do we really investigate about the processes that allow us to expand our personal consciousness?


Sexual energy is also creative energy that, when sublimated in a constructive way, connects ourselves to our essence through love. Our sexual energy is connected to attraction processes in our own perceptions, that are able to strengthen connections through our emotional, mental and/or physical world. As we read in sublimation of our mental reality, we only perceive the things we pay attention to, so, as we know ourselves better, through our own experiences, we have the option of expanding our own personal consciousness, in order to learn to connet to our own personal signs, and, that way, in a more assertive way to the world.

By recognizing how our emotions, thoughts and perceptions influence the way we experience our sexual energy, we can follow 3 simple steps to sublimate it in a constructive way and in harmony with everything and everyone around us.

  • Let’s ask ourselves: What motives lead us to live our sexuality as we have decided to experiences it? What do we feel and think after a sexual act or an orgasm? Example: my motive to iniciate my sexual life was low self-esteem, I always thought that sex was a way of controlling my partner to have him by my side. While I had that thought it was common for me to feel in pain and empty, as if I lacked something I could not find outside myself, I often felt tired, as if I had no energy, but I thought that was normal.

  • Having our destructive thoughts, and emotions, identified, we can work on them by transforming them into constructive actions that empower ourselves. Example: By doing my own reasearch I realize that it wasn’t normal to feel the way I felt, so I started reading about diverse issues and feeling more my own self every moment, the consciousness about my own seual energy expanded itself and now I perceive that it not only a matter of my emotional, physical and mental worlds, but it is also about my sentimental world and the emotional, physical, mental and sentimental worlds of the person I allow myself to establish a relationship in that level.

  • Let’s focus our energy on our present and learn something new about ourselves and the ways of having a more constructive impact on our own relationships through our personal interaction integrated to our inner signs.

Today’s reflection is: Do we focus our sexual energy by personal convictions or for pleasing others?

4. SUBLIMATION OF OUR EMOTIONS: Constructing feelings

Emotions are reactive and unconscious energy in motion, arised from needs and beliefs that we have assumed as ours throughout our lives. We somatize them in the body and identify with them to the point where we think it is the language of our hearts. Emotions make us react according to what we have integrated, we go from tears to laughter, from affection to screaming, and vice versa. Feelings are active and conscious energy in motion, arised from needs and beliefs that are built from what is in our hearts, that which we flow in harmony with our environment from what we feel. We feel them in the body as a state of peace and coherence with our essence. We can act from our feelings, because our understanding of each situation expands according to our experience and the way we think, making us more assertive in our expression.

Knowing the emotions and feelings, we can follow 4 simple steps to sublimate our emotions constructively and in harmony with our essence and our hearts.

  • Let’s ask ourselves: What thoughts do we have during the day that generate any negative or positive emotion? What daily situations intensify those thoughts and those emotions? Examples: as an example of positive thought and emotion, if we think that we are going out with someone we like, we feel like little butterflies in the belly and when they call us, thought and emotion intensify themselves. As an example of thought and negative emotion, if we think that someone is lying to us we feel the emotion in some part of the body manifesting impotence and when the person tells us something that we know, or think, is a lie, thought and emotion intensify themselves.

  • How do we react when we feel those emotions in our bodies? Examples: for the first case the reaction may be to smile and get nervous, for the second it may be to shout and face the person.

  • How could we work the emotion and act more assertively? Examples: to work the emotion we need deep diaphragmatic breathing until we feel calm. To act more assertively in the positive example smiling is still assertive, because it also feels in the voice, and to continue it is important that we ask ourselves if the person with whom we are going to go out is really someone with whom we want to build something together based in the reality of what the person is and what we are. To act more assertively, in the negative example, once the emotion is worked out, let’s think if we have been sincere, with ourselves and with others, and ask ourselves why we keep that person in our lives.

  • Evaluate what we have allowed, because emotions take us to places and people so that we learn something that we did not want to learn through self-reflection. Understanding what we want from our hearts, it is the feeling of harmony with ourselves that guides us into our own path.

The reflection is: What do we have to learn about ourselves through the situations we live? (click here to learn exercise of emotional awareness)


Version en español

versão em portugues