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Harmony of Energy in Context

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Everything is energy. With this phrase we easily understand how our creation works as social individuals. In times of competitiveness in sports, politics, opinions, etc., we perceive that neither of the two extremes is right or wrong, each part has important points that we must consider to build in a solid way with the same purpose: focusing our energy (attention, thoughts, words, actions, feelings) in building an integral society, in which the conscious meritocracy and the contribution are the foundation (click here to read about helping and contributing).

According to the Oxford dictionary, harmony is the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole. From this definition we can perceive that que reason for one extreme to exist is its opposite (click here to read about polarities), hence the importance of building as close as possible to neutrality. How do we do that? Simple, we can put into practice the following actions in our own experience:

  1. Discovering our talents: we are all born with some talent, is what we do naturally well and keeps us in a state of flux, calm and creating..
  2. Developing and contextualizing our talents: when we have discovered our talents, it’s necessary to develop them and integrate them into the social context we’re in, maintaining our common purpose.
  3. Contributing: as we specialize, we understand that it is essential to contribute with our intention, because every thought, feeling, word and action focused on the common purpose allows us to build efficiently and sustainably.
  4. Allowing communication to flow: with a common purpose, communication focused on expanding perspectives must flow to consciously integrate the most appropriate possibilities for the moment.
  5. Flexibility: every purpose must be adjusted, because we are all in constant transformation, so as we become more aware we perceive that we need to be flexible to integrate new elements and even discard what is unnecessary for our purpose.

May our words be to build and suggest from our own wisdom (knowledge and experience), may our talents be at the service of everything that exists, may the responsibility for our own energy be assumed and we trust the fact that we’re all committed from our heart to integrity, transparency, respect and coherence (click here to read about our coherence).


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Version en español versão em portugues