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Is it truly from our hearts?

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This week, I’ve been focusing my attention on human interactions, of us who want to integrate through love, transparency, respect, integrity and coherence, and I’ve perceived that knowledge and searching for “truth”, can be the foundation of segregation. When we perceive that all the knowledge we own is part of the reality we live (even being imperceptible for someone`s perception system), we can use knowledge integrated to our experience to construct our own wisdom, instead of doing what we are used to do: imposing our truth on others and, then, feel separated victims because they don’t want to listen to what we say.

In every area of our lives as social human beings (scientific, spiritual, religious, politic, etc.), we have transmitted knowledge with a tendency towards polarization that creates conflict, separation and opposition, often based on what people tell us and not on what we experience or live. We use our minds to define if something is good or bad and, from that point, we select information from our emotions, created by our beliefs. The issue comes when we feel something as if it’s real because we feel good and we say that is from our hearts, being unconscious of the fact that is coming from an emotion.

Since we are used to say that everything that makes us feel euphoric comes from the heart, we have ignored that we own emotions which we have classified as “good” that lead us, not to act but to react about situations in life from our personal interest. Everything we feel, think and express, has an impact on what we construct, on evetyhing and everyone around, so, reactions from emotions come from our mind, which is not truly integrated to the whole, on the other hand, actions from our heart come from the feeling of unity using our minds to put it into context, in the most appropriate way possible, from our knowledge and experience integrated (click here to read about connecting ourselves to our hearts)

Everytime we want to discover the origin of the way we feel, think and express ourselves, through words and actions, to understand if they are really from our hearts, we can make ourselves the following questions:

  1. Are we integrating? When we integrate we are focused on integrating and transmitting to construct, if we segregate, then we judge (positively or negatively), compare and blame (click here to read about responsability).

  2. Do we feel at peace? When a decision comes from our hearts we feel peace, if it comes from our minds, and heart misaligned, we feel emotional states such as uneasiness, pain, sadness, euphoria, happiness, anxiety, stress, etc.

  3. Can we express in a transparent way what we decide? When we are capable of finding the appropriate way of expressing our decisions in a respectful and integrative way (click here to read about respect), we are able to put our mind at the disposal of the heart by using transparency (click here to read about transparency).

Our heart always look for integration through coherence, transparency, respect and integrity, this way, our decisions made, based on certainty, construct with the most solid foundation we can create as human beings in the present. Everything that is constructed from a extreme of polarity tends to find its extreme of destruction, therefore, the more integral and aligned to our heart our construction is, more stability it finds to perpetuate itself and continue its evolution through consciousness. Let’s construct from integration and perceive the transformation of all the areas of our lives and our society.


Version en español

versão em portugues