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The Game of Life

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Life is, basically, a game in which we learn the basic rules of the place we’re in, in order to “fit” in the present model. When we think about that as a puzzle, it’s like trying to place a piece by forcing it where it doesn’t fit naturally, at the end it manifests incoherence. When we start questioning ourselves about everything in our lives, we perceive that there are game strategies that allow us to know ourselves deeply, so we can really fit in that puzzle in infinite expansion, then the result is coherent.

By using the concept of the puzzle in our lives, we can perceive that we have many possibilities of forcefully fitting our own pieces, everything we are, either because of the power of our mind or the unconscious patterns we carry, but only one way of fitting everything naturally: building up from whatever potentiates our peace.

Then, here are some actions we can integrate to our lives, to inspire integrity from our example, for us who want to build a coherent, transparent and sustainable society from integrity:

  1. Authenticity: being authentic goes beyond what is evident, is truly knowing ourselves, understanding what truly potentiates our inner peace and put it into practice, to build from our talents integrated to our personality, the appropriate way of contributing in this moment, stopping following models to start following our heart.

  2. Contribution: by exercising our authenticity, we understand that competition becomes obsolete, since we learn to build our own dreams without the need for winning or desiring the same that other people, this is the way we truly contribute, we just do what’s necessary from the certainty of who we are from our essence (click here to read about integration of our essence).

  3. Expression: as we contribute from our authenticity, we perceive the importance of adjusting our personal expression. The way we think and feel is so aligned and coherent that when we make a gesture, take action or express any word in disalignment to them, we perceive there are other ways we need to seek and exercise to give coherence and power to what we transmit, specially when we are conscious about the importance of being the example of what we want to build up as society.

The most important rule of the game of life is: thought, feeling and expression must be aligned to a purpose, it’s up to us to decide to do it from our purpose of peace (click here to read about activating our purpose mode).


Version en español

versão em portugues