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Micronutrients Part 2: Regenerating our cells

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Now that we understand that, in order to nourish ourselves better, we need to eat less but with more quality (click here to read the first part of the Micronutrients series), we can better understand how functional foods are integrated to enhance cell regeneration.

Our cells regenerate themselves if we give them the appropriate environment and time to do it, that is why we must avoid excesses, both of things considered “good” and those considered “bad”, all that our body really needs at a nutritional level (micro and macronutrients) must be consumed consciously in the appropriate measure for our own body, that is why it is so important to perceive the reactions that arise to each food that we consume separately, considering that there may be reactions from the moment that we smell it, until the moment it leaves the body completely (click here to read the article on expansion of nutritional consciousness).

Now, let’s imagine that every constructive habit we have (nourish ourselves, breathe better, do some physical activity, take care of our emotional health, sleep better) is promoting cell regeneration and maintaining the functioning of our body stable, and that every destructive habit we have (consume empty food, smoking, drinking excessively, staying emotional, breathing inadequately, being sedentary, sleeping poorly) is increasingly degenerating each of our cells and, consequently, our organs, causing alterations in the functioning of our body and leading ourselves to states in which we can not continue to be empowered of our own lives, because we are increasingly dependent on what helps us to recover our natural state of health (which we have created with our own destructive habits, and we can also reverse them).

Understanding better that we can assume the responsibility for really taking care of our body, as a main priority, since when having health we can perform better in what we enjoy doing, let’s see how functional foods, those full of essential nutrients that enhance our health, assist us in building an appropriate environment for our cells to continue their regeneration process bringing health to our body and higher levels of energy:

  1. CONTRIBUTION OF CLEAN ENERGY: By consuming natural foods, rich in micro and macronutrients, which are accepted by the cells, the cells can continue their process of obtaining what they need without having to fight what they can’t accept, therefore their energy is clean and focused on maintaining its functional process in our body. This is mainly done by fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and seeds, because of its high content of carbohydrates and healthy fats.

  2. GROWTH AND REGENERATION: While our body is growing, it needs material so that the cells can divide and form the necessary structures. When we reach adulthood, the cells need the proper material to keep themselves in constant regeneration and to renew dead cells of organs. like the skin. For growth and regeneration, the main foods are cereals, nuts, seeds and water (mineralized), due to their high content of proteins and minerals.

  3. REGULATION: Inside the cells, chemical reactions take place that need, especially, the presence of vitamins to occur. Here we find the need to consume fruits, nuts, vegetables and water (mineralized), due to its high content of vitamins and minerals.

I have a diet based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, germinated seeds, and the appropriate amount of mineralized water for my body, which is where I can find all the nutrients I need, the only thing I consume from animal sources are eggs (once or twice a month), they are my source of vitamin B12 (for now), since I prefer to feed properly than include any type of supplement in my diet. And you? On what do you base your diet? Does it work for you?


Version en español

versão em portugues