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Life and Death: Another Perspective

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The definition of death is the end of life, but the definition of life, among others, is the existence after death. Independent of the belief that we have about life and death, it is our existence that keeps us alive, what we have transmitted to our parents, children, friends, companions, etc.

One day talking to a friend we came to the conclusion that his wife was still with him and his children, she had sown love, attention, respect and presence, and all this continues to bear fruit in who they are today, so she is still alive, she exists in their hearts and minds.

It is our decision what we want to build in our lives and transmit to others, as it can be something that people continue to transmit as destructive (what goes against life, respect, transparency, peace), it can also be constructive (what is in favor of life, respect, transparency, peace). When we want to transmit something that construct ourselves as humanity we can follow these actions:

  1. IMPROVING OUR COMMUNICATION: Listening better, silencing the mind, receiving information without judging it in order to be able to integrate it and respond in a coherent way with what we have listened to (if there really is something we can say that is appropriate), learning to use words and gestures we use to express ourselves better, being clear in the message we want to transmit, opening our mind in order to establish a clearer communication that encourages transparency. Remember that, for there to be transparency, we need to learn to listen and construct from it, because when people perceive ourselves as inflexible and authoritarian the dialogue goes to the side of the lie, whether to “avoid” conflicts (which can later be worse than they would be at the moment) or to get what we want (click here to read about transparency).

  2. RESPECTING AND ACCEPTING: The fact that something is appropriate for us doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. When we really know and accept what we feel, think, say and do, we learn that true respect is understanding that we all have the right to be different, and that It doesn’t make us better or worse, and we understand that it’s necessary to accept differences as a way to enrich human constructions. Assuming responsibility (click here to read about responsibility) for everything that depends on us (feelings, thoughts, words and actions) is the first step to build a more conscious humanity, we constantly influence (consciously or unconsciously) everything around us (click here to readarticle about respect).

  3. TRANSFORMING: To obtain different results it is necessary to transform what already exists in a creative way, to enhance what is useful at this moment to build peace (click here to read about building peace). Being aware that we are part of humanity and that we need to assume our responsibility as unique in the whole, we manage to build together, integrating better the available points of view (click here to read about building through consciousness).

Each seed that we sow has the potential to germinate, let’s be more aware of it and sow what we want to harvest, since in that way we are more focused on living, on existing.


Version en español

versão em portugues