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Natural Cycles: Vegetables

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I want to be more respectful with life, and that’s why I’m going to be a vegetarian. I don’t want to kill living beings to eat them, I want to eat only vegetables. The question arises, do vegetables have no life? Should I eat them? How do I eat them when they no longer have life?

Vegetables are an imaginary group of plant species that is very wide and varied in the world. There are so many and there may be many more, the transgenics and the artisan selection of seeds continue to diversify our food reserve! It is a reserve that seems inexhaustible. Although we have to be careful with genetic erosion (see here what it is).

Our grandparents, and our grandmothers, selected the richest and most nutritious weeds, carried their seeds in order to give their grandchildren the best food. It is a precious process, it is the flame that we carry as humans. We have to thank that, their life.

Taking that into account, we must know that when we eat the plant it is likely that it took a huge effort to produce it. Not only we, but a series of humans who produce their fertilizers, who produce their seeds, who prepare the soil, who care for and watch over the crop, and then harvest,take the food to the table. All that chain is a little hidden lately, but it is amazing how much food we plucked from the soil.

We eat the vegetable in its most vital state, when it is richer and concentrates more energy from the sun and the earth. Food is energy from the sun packaged by different plants and animals into carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In grains, such as bread wheat and corn, we eat their babies, which are their seeds. Some are reseeded, others are eaten. Life works like this, this concept is called trophobiosis. Also the oil and charcoal that feed our industries are sun energy produced and stored by animals and plants millions of years ago, but that is another discussion (if you are interested look at this concept of EROEI).

I say that we pluck the food from the soil because the current technologies of usufruct of the earth are UNSUSTAINABLE, that is to say that in the future they cannot continue happening. All our food, all our constructions, all our technological tools, all our clothes, all our activities on the planet are inherently linked to destructive practices. There are a few exceptions, but they are isolated cases, the real tragedy continues to happen and scales are much greater than before. They say that having a child is the worst thing that can happen to the planet … I don’t know, for me, those people confuse life with death and death with life.

The more conscious people there are, willing to change, the more opportunity for biodiversity and ecological stability. We are potentially destroyers or constructers.

From the lettuce only leaves can be eaten if they haven’t started to bloom, same with cabbages. The broccoli and cauliflower can only be harvested at a specific time, it is the sepal of the flower, the first stage of flowering of the plant. Carrots and beets lose a large part of their fruit if they are allowed to bloom, we need to choose the most beautiful ones and removing the seeds, others we eat and thank. The same with animals … there are optimal times to eat them.

Yes, for both there are MANY technologies of sustainable production, but almost all affirm that there must be such a radical change that it must affect all spheres of coexistence between humans, nature and other species of micro and macro living organisms. But that’s another GIANT discussion.

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Version en español versão em portugues