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Fasting for Self-knowledge

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In our lives we’ve perceived that our relationship with food is very important, whether we are conscious or not, because we are what we eat and the way we eat. Thanks to this perception, I’ve had three moments in my life in which I’ve decided to invest my energies in absolut fasting, and several other moments in which the fasting has been partial, suspending food, or habits, which make me feel with low energy. In both cases I’ve had constructive experiences in which my energy levels have increased, I’ve clearly perceived the way of organizing my priorities and I’ve increased my knowledge about the emotional world that unconsciously has governed certain reactions manifesting in my reality. During those processes, I have experienced a greater sensitivity to everything that surrounds me and what is inside me, that is, my consciousness has expanded.

Hunger is a signal that the body emits, mainly because it needs nutrients or energy, in other instances it comes from a belief that food fills voids, which creates an impulsive emotional need to eat. This is the main reason why refrain from consuming nutrient-poor foods, for example, it’s useful to know some of our motivations mentally, emotionally and nutritionally, since the nutritional needs of our body require a smaller amount of more nutritious food.

Let’s read some crucial aspects to make a conscious absolut fasting, which allows us to expand our personal perception:

  1. Free time: choose a moment (maximum 3 days) in which we can be calm and as disconnected as possible from the world, hence our perception and our energy remain focused on the reactions of our body.
  2. Volume of food: one or two weeks before fasting, it is ideal to reduce the amount of processed foods, and animal origin, and invest in fruits and sprouts. After the fast, invest in the consumption of juices with germinated seeds and introduce gradually the solid foods, perceiving the reaction of our body to each one.
  3. Relaxation and breathing: during fasting it is important that we stay relaxed and focused on breathing, because oxygen is essential in the process of cell nutrition..
  4. Sensitivity: during the fasting process our sensitivity increases, as well as when we maintain a diet as natural and appropriate as possible. Our perceptual system is more alert and receptive, we can feel more subtle information about everything that surrounds us and what is inside us.
  5. Body Consciousness: to make a fast, we must pay attention to our bodies, to understand their needs before, during and after the fast, so we keep it at the appropriate levels to make an easy process.

It is important that we learn about our basic processes of nutrition as human beings, in this way we can maintain our appropriate energy levels and a healthy and efficient body.


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Version en español versão em portugues