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Commitment is an idea we can broaden to connect a lot more with our inner peace and build relationships more aligned to the confidence in ourselves, in the contribution and the social construction.

When we commit to something or someone, there is the possibility of stop being present for us by doing something related to it, since the fact of committing makes us feel obligated to always be there for that situation or person, even when there’s no way of contributing and we don’t feel peace.

The essential commitment to build from our inner peace must be with ourselves, with the peace we feel in the present about each person and situation, since this way we perceive that our decisions don’t depend on what we think about people or situations, but on our inner peace in the present, what includes what we are conscious about what we have perceived and what we’re not (click here to read about sincerity).

We all have the freedom to decide, if we do it from our peace, we exercise our confidence in ourselves to create the reality in peace we live (click here to read about decisions).

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About Responsibility

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Assuming the responsibility about deciding in a coherent way with our peace, requires our attention to what we think, feel and express at any moment. In order to build with others, we can go beyond the obligations we create from what we think we need.

When we trust our decisions to build in the present in a sustainable way, we increase the confidence in ourselves and the level of responsibility for everything we commit to from the conviction and the certainty of being ready to contribute aligned to our peace and the present context.

It is essential to trust our personal construction in order to trust the personal construction of all the individuals in society, so we can build together from the freedom of being who we are from our integrity.

From our peace we understand the appropriate measure between giving and receiving, we relate from the certainty of being where we want to be and learn that our word is worth it and that we are responsible for ourselves.

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Beyond tags

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Our mind tries to define everything we live to strengthen our identity, but we can train it in order for it to identify itself with the security of living in the present.

Living in the present includes understanding that everything is constantly moving and at the same time there is consistency when we build from our inner peace.

We are everything, we have the potential of constructing peace by directing our resources, in a conscious way, towards that purpose, our tags when integrated potentiates that construction, but being fully aligned with every single decision about our thoughts, feelings and words is the foundation for being the peace we want for the world.

Our experience beyond tags reveals our true affinities and our authenticity, it allows us to accept that we are more than we think and leads us to broaden our perception about our reality.

The evidence is in our experience, it depends on us to perceive it and decide to tune in to what we truly want to build.

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Beyond the existing models, which we identify with while trying to fit in society, there is our integrity. In order to experience integrity in our life, it is essential to broaden our perception about some issues, since only this way we can accept ourselves the way we truly are and construct from our peace.

Our mind embraces what we think is good and rejects what we think is bad. This is different for each one of us, for example, we could have been born in a family we consider good and we attach to it, others in a family they consider bad and reject it, there are also children from the same parents that may attach or reject from their own perception and their searching for external approval.

The more we know ourselves, the better we understand the role of our mind. What at some point we consider good and creates attachment, may change and we can consider it bad and reject it, therefore, the only true identity comes from the acceptance of everything we are, so we can decide from our true desire for peace in the present.

To live from integrity, our mind must be receptive so we can understand what happens as it is and from the feeling of peace decide the most appropriate way of acting in our present. This means that we accept everything we consider good and bad in ourselves and we integrate it the most appropriate way to the context we’re in.

Our life can be perceived as a whole, when we decide to be transparent, coherent to our peace and respectful to our space and resources in every single level, we build everything from there, that is the foundation for our self-confidence and for the integrated construction of our own experience.
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Potentiating Experience

We all have personal talents which need to be integrated to the way we relate to the world, since, only this way we get different results in our entrepreneurship. In order to create new ways of contributing for the construction of a society in peace, we must start by identifying what truly potentiates our inner peace, hence, our perception of success and the foundation for our construction change. Sustainable, transparent and coherent businesses are the result of people who invest in their own transparency and coherence from the integrity of their essence. The way we relate to everything and everyone around us is the reflection of our relationship to ourselves. As we gain experience in connecting to our peace in the present, we perceive that our abilities and our way of contributing from them potentiate itself, since we start to transform entertainment into recreation and we learn from the unicity of every moment.

Peaceful Mind

The way we experience our life is within our minds. When we pay attention to every thought in our mind, we understand the reasons why we live this way. The more we think about something, whether we like it or not, the more of that we manifest in our life, but, what about focusing our mind in the construction of peace?

A peaceful mind is always present to perceive everything the way it is. It understands that we are able to learn at our own pace by expressing ourselves aligned to our peace in the present.

By perceiving our mind, we get to know it and to deal with it according to our present moment and what’s appropriate for us to process, we are open to create our personal way of integrate it to our experience. These actions are essential for a peaceful mind:
  1. Focusing our mind on our breathing.
  2. Listening to everyone.
  3. Activating our mind in perception mode.

Moving into infinite learning reality is essential to align our mind to our purpose of peace. A mind that understands that we are unique as a part of everything, is able to align itself to what’s truly appropriate to contribute through learning.

Manifesting the Truth of Our Heart

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As we grow up, and know ourselves deeply through our decisions and experiences, we get to identify what keeps us flowing in our peace and whatever keeps us away from it, either positive or negative. This process of self-knowledge and self-analysis is essential for us to learn how to identify the truth from our heart and the “truth” that comes from our belief system (that has built our emotional world in an unconscious way, that is often very desaligned from our heart, mainly because of the belief of separation).

As well as we are able to connect to what our mind believes that is our reality (belonging to extremes in order to segregate due to the desire of competing and comparing), we’re able to connect to the integral wisdom of our heart, the one that leads ourselves to act from our peace in order to learn, in an objective way, about our own experience from our personal perception, from integrity, aligned to the context, putting our mind to its service to construct from authenticity in unity, and contribute effectively.

For manifesting the truth of our heart, it is essential that we consciously connect to our perceptive system, here, I share these simple actions that we can integrate to understand that our life depends less on personal opinions (from us or others) when we live it from transprency, respect, integrity and coherence:

  1. FLOWING WITH CONSCIOUSNESS: to flow with consciousness it is necessary that we install the belief of acting from integrity, coherence, respect and transparency, since, this way, we tune our mind into the vibratory frequency of our heart. Having this belief that potentiate our heart from the mind, we need to perceive the signs we receive through our perceptive system and flow where we truly feel peace (if we have too many options, we need to increase our tuning with our heart, there is an exercise for doing this that has been very useful to me [click here to learn the exercise of integrating emotions], since it integrates the vibrations from emotions and thoughts, that creates distraction in any extreme, so we can go back to our center).

  2. ADJUSTING OUR COHERENCE: our heart knows that everything external is just a reflection of the internal, that shows us if it’s necessary to make any adjustment or if we’re on the appropriate path for ourselves, due to it, in order to potentiate our heart’s wisdom through our mind, we must install the belief that everything we judge, or have an opinion about, positively or negatively, is a reflection of us that allows ourselves to learn and adjust our vibration from our personal experience. For example, we want peace and we blame everything around us because that peace we want is not manifesting itself, yet we’re still full of inner conflicts, therefore, the absence of external conflicts can only be manifested when we have found our inner peace, that is accepting and integrating everything we really are to the social context we’re in, as building agents part of the whole. Here, we can integrate the exercise of integrating emotions in order to understand from our peace what we need to adjust when it comes to our thoughts, feelings and expression (click here to read about our coherence).

  3. ALIGNING OUR EXPRESSION: in order to align our expression to the vibratory frequency of our heart, it is necessary to exercise different ways of expressing ourselves, listening with full presence, communicating just what we have the certainty that contributes to the external construction of our inner peace, in the present moment, focusing our attention on truly knowing ourselves and doing what’s most appropriate from our personal talents and abilities. Installing the belief that our thoughts, feelings and words are powerful, allows us to perceive the importance of aligning them to a purpose that permeates all the areas of our lives in order to potentiate the desire of our heart with all the intention.

  4. EXERCISING AUTHENTICITY IN UNITY: this would be the most important belief of all, since it strengthens our discernment in order to find the appropriate measure of everything in our lives, it prepares our mind to perceive the connection between everyone and everything, to build respect from our habits, to remember that all our decisions have an impact on the system, on the whole. By expressing who we truly are, the existing barriers start falling down, and just what’s truly essential for our lives remains and reveals its perfect purpose in our existence (click here to read about connection to neutrality).

The truth of our heart is usually expressed in a certain degree of unconsciousness mixed with our mental models and emotions, it’s up to us to potentiate it from our mind and be conscious of acting by encouraging integration in all the areas of our lives, since, this way, we expand this model to society through our example, and create more connective ways of relating to each other as social individuals.


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6 Indicators of Presence and Gratitude

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To get in touch with new ways of perceiving the world, we need to be more aware of our own processes and how they influence our interaction with the environment. In this process the mind is essential, because, as a present ally, it can profoundly transform what we consider an inevitable fact and, connected to the heart, teaches us to be grateful for everything that exists (click here to read about elevating our experience).

Bringing the mind to the present (click here to read about present mind) is one of the best strategies to perceive that the miracle of life is in the small details, a smile, a hug, a joke, the sun coming in through the window, a tea in good company, a landscape of concrete or nature that we have every day in front of us, in short, everything that seems the same and routine begins to be perceived as unique and wonderful, we can only perceive the unicity of each moment when we allow ourselves to broaden our perception.

Here we have 6 indicators that show us that we are more present and grateful.

  1. We pay attention to the smallest details
  2. We use our senses more intensely to connect with everything and everyone
  3. We integrate better what we feel to what we live
  4. We perceive the uniqueness of each moment
  5. We learn more about the situations we’re living and the people we’re communicating with
  6. We transform ourselves constantly aligned to our purpose and context.

Choosing to live life from gratitude and infinite learning we connect with other angles of the same reality and we get to recognize magic in the now. We can choose to perceive every moment as a miracle.


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