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Constructive Mind: 4 steps to reprogram our thoughts

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For being conscious about our expression (gestures, words, actions, emotions) the first step is exercising the mental presence, which we get through the integration of our perception of the world and our attention, as we read and practice at the post 4 steps to keep our minds in the present (click here to read the full article).

When our minds are present, we can focus them on our own construction, but, how can that be useful? Easy, let’s start working on it by parts. On this post, we’ll understand how to use the present mind for reprograming our own thoughts, since they are responsible for one third of our humor and energy level (for the other two thirds our perception and our expression).

All of us have grown up in different environments and, unconsciously, we are constantly subjected to information that makes us focus on the “destructive” side of life. And, as it is what we receive most, we see that our conversations with people become a fertile field for us to talk about others, complain, feel sorry, quoting tragedies, in short, talking about something we’re not able to transform. And that, efectively, influence our humor and energy.

Let’s focus our attention on how tuning in, consciously, with the constructive side of life for reprograming our thoughts (click here to read about empowering habits). Let’s follow these 3 steps daily until we integrate them to our habits:

  1. Looking for constructive information sources to replace destructive information. Through the internet, television, people we interact with, etc. For example, instead of looking up for what’s bad for our bodies, looking up for what’s good.
  2. Perceiving the thoughts that appear during the day. If they makes us feel worried, anxious or any destructive sensation let’s find constructive personal motives to resignify them. For example, I think I need money to pay a bill, I see I can organize a raffle, do an extra job or sell something no longer useful and I realize I can get the money, then I focus my thoughts on the action that I’m going to take to get the right amount, maybe I could get more.
  3. Focusing our thoughts on ourselves, and the projects we’re involved in, since is where we can, efectively, take responsibility for the transformation. Why thinking on the motives of other people, that are their own responsability, if we can use this time to expand our consciousness and construct ourselves? Let’s think about it.
  4. Finding, at least once a day, a place where we admire everything we perceive with our senses, and we feel calm, and think about every constructive thing we have experienced and how we can integrate that into our lives, into our projects.

It’s our decision to choose what we want to connect ourselves to (click here to read about connecting to our hearts). The more people aware of their own lives and willing to contribute in an assertive way, the better results we have reforming the world we live in, building every day with more assertiveness and innovating to transform whatever is necessary. I choose to connect myself to everything that contributes to my integrity to transform the world with the contribution of everyone and everything around me, what about you?

Let’s share this easy method with people who want to recover their energy and feel empowered.


Version en español

versão em portugues