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Respect Generates Respect

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Many of us believe that we deserve respect because we are always respectful, but, what is respect? Curiously, it can be something that comes from consideration or fear, then, we can understand that it is necessary to work a respect for consideration more than for fear, because when we respect by fear we are connecting to the external and, mentally, we can find more easily justify ourselves to commit a lack of respect, above all if it is to free ourselves from fear. When we respect by consideration we connect to acceptance within ourselves, we understand that all life deserves respect and that we can learn to expand that consideration from the inside out. (Click here to read the article about personal respect and boundaries).

Respect for consideration begins within us, we will only become good by respecting everyone, and everything around us, as we practice self-respect, for our principles, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and for the fact of being human beings part of a humanity. Today we’ll see some points that may be useful for exercising internal respect to generate respect from consideration (click here to read the personal approval article).

  1. TALENTS: We all have unique talents, but we often disrespect those talents in pursuit of money. We can find more appropriate ways to respect what we have, by offering our talents to the people around us, we get to know what makes us unique, and we begin to construct on solid foundations (click here to read the article on integrating the self into social context).

  2. PRINCIPLESS: Throughout our lives we may have had moments when we were presented with opportunities that seemed interesting, but when we went into them, and knew better, we realized that there were variables that were not aligned to our principles. This can happen in all our relationships, so it is important that we know what we need and express it clearly, as well as research well if we are really excited to be part of something. LET’S QUESTION OURSELVES.

  3. PRIORITIES: We often spend our lives at the extreme of prioritization, either we prioritize our lives totally or that of others, but we need to evaluate more consciously what is priority in our lives as self-sufficient beings to live the life we want and thus cultivate a respect for our life project and the one of the people around us.

  4. WORD: It is essential that we keep our word, if we commit ourselves to do what has been agreed upon, this is one of the most important resources on respect at all levels. CLARITY.

These 4 aspects are an easy way to exercise respect for ourselves, as we become more aware of each of the aspects that make us human beings, more certainty arises about what we want in our life because it construct ourselves. I decide to exercise my personal respect and take this to the world, what about you?


Version en español

versão em portugues