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Sublimation of Our Experience 4: Sex

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We have already understood how our creatve energy is essential in our reconnective process (click here to read the article about sublimation of the creative energy), now we are able to integrate it to the sublimation of sex.

Sexual energy is also creative energy that, when sublimated in a constructive way, connects ourselves to our essence through love. Our sexual energy is connected to attraction processes in our own perceptions, that are able to strengthen connections through our emotional, mental and/or physical world. As we read in sublimation of our mental reality (click here to read full article) we onle perceive the thing we pay attention to, so, as we know ourselves better, through our own experiences, we have the option of expanding our own personal consciousness, in order to learn to connet to our own personal signs, and, that way, in a more assertive way to the world.

By recognizing how our emotions, thoughts and perceptions influence the way we experience our sexual energy, we can follow 3 simple steps to sublimate it in a constructive way and in harmony with everything and everyone around us.

  1. Let’s ask ourselves: What motives lead us to live our sexuality as we have decided to experiences it? What do we feel and think after a sexual act or an orgasm? Example: my motive to iniciate my sexual life was low self-esteem, I always thought that sex was a way of controlling my partner to have him by my side. While I had that thought it was common for me to feel in pain and empty, as if I lacked something I could not find outside myself, I often felt tired, as if I had no energy, but I thought that was normal.

  2. Having our destructive thoughts, and emotions, identified, we can work on them by transforming them into constructive actions that empower ourselves. Example: By doing my own reasearch I realize that it wasn’t normal to feel the way I felt, so I started reading about diverse issues and feeling more my own self every moment, the consciousness about my own seual energy expanded itself and now I perceive that it not only a matter of my emotional, physical and mental worlds, but it is also about my sentimental world and the emotional, physical, mental and sentimental worlds of the person I allow myself to establish a relationship in that level.

  3. Let’s focus our energy on our present and learn something new about ourselves and the ways of having a more constructive impact on our own relationships through our personal interaction integrated to our inner signs.

Today’s reflaction is: Do we focus our sexual energy by personal convictions or for pleasing others?


Version en español

versão em portugues