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Sublimation of Our Experience 3: Creativity

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By subliming our mental reality (click here for reading the full article about sublimation of our mental reality), we open up a door to connect ourselves to our creative energy, since when we flow along with our lives, we get to trust more on ourselves and on our capacities. Today, the main subject is the sublimation of our creative energy.

When we nourish an empowering reality, that reconnects ourselves with our trust within on ourselves and on our lives, we start integrating inner and outer information we receive in a more authentic way for expressing it, by questioning ourselves more about what comes to us, because we realize that we all are different and, at the same time, make all part of the collective reality that exists.

Now that we own a more constructive mental reality, and based on what is most appropriate for ourselves from our own experience, we are able to integrate some steps to increase our personal connection and let our creativity to flow, in every area of our lives.

  1. Hydration: Are we conscious about our bodies’ quality of hydration? Example: the water we consume must have essential minerals to hydrate ourselves, so we can mineralize the water we intake with marine salt and a little baking soda, and solarize it, for me the result has been great, my body works better and ask for less liquids during the day. Let’s make researches and try them with our own bodies.

  2. Nutrition: Do we eat to feed or nourishing ourselves? (Click here for reading full article about expanding our nutritional consciousness). Example: when we eat thinking just about balancing carbohydrates and proteins, we are ignoring minerals and vitamins, that are essential for the proper functionality of our bodies. I have stopped eating meat and dairy because I have realized that my intestine absorbs finctional nutrients better and I need to eat less to feel more energized and healthy.

  3. Breathing: Do we know the quality of our breathing? Example: our breathing gets shorter and we only use a part of our lung capacity to oxygenate our bodies. I have been integrated a deep diafragmatic breathing during the day and I have felt more connected and at peace.

  4. Cell regeneration: Do we sleep enough and give our bodies what they really need? Example: our bodies need certain time for regenerating and regulating themselves during sleep time, that is why it is so important to know how long we need to sleep in order to wake up energized. As I improve my nutrition, I realize that my body needs less time when I eat only what is necessary (click here for reading full article about cell regeneration).

By giving attention to our energetic levels, in an integrated way, we allow our creativity to easily flow at any present time.

The reflection for today is: Do we really investigate about the processes that allow us to expand our personal consciousness?

A hug,

Version en español

versão em portugues