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Giving and Receiving in the Appropriate Measure

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Everything in our life can be perceived as a resource, time, money, energy, expression, thoughts, etc. The more we are conscious about the exchange of present resources in each situation, the better we understand that everything has its appropriate moment and way to be given and received, we are free to decide it.

We are all unique, so our way to contribute in each moment is different, therefore, when we respect authenticity, we can decide to receive the unique contribution of everything and everyone. The same way we give money to buy something and receive some products or services, every resource of contribution may be different.

We are free to say “YES” to our peace, to greet whom we want to, to talk to whom we want to, to respond to whom we want to, to build with whom we want to and to learn to express ourselves from the certainty of knowing what’s appropriate for our present moment.

To give and receive are two actions that are always present in our life, two actions that in the appropriate measure open a path of tranquility to us in which we have the certainty of contributing from our peace to build the peace we want.

About Responsibility

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Assuming the responsibility about deciding in a coherent way with our peace, requires our attention to what we think, feel and express at any moment. In order to build with others, we can go beyond the obligations we create from what we think we need.

When we trust our decisions to build in the present in a sustainable way, we increase the confidence in ourselves and the level of responsibility for everything we commit to from the conviction and the certainty of being ready to contribute aligned to our peace and the present context.

It is essential to trust our personal construction in order to trust the personal construction of all the individuals in society, so we can build together from the freedom of being who we are from our integrity.

From our peace we understand the appropriate measure between giving and receiving, we relate from the certainty of being where we want to be and learn that our word is worth it and that we are responsible for ourselves.

Version en españolversão em portugues