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Special Message For Future and Present Parents


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The way we decide to educate our children, directly impacts our home, our family, our neighborhood, our city, our country and our planet, so, in order to choose more consciously, let’s answer this question: How do we want our planet to be? If the answer is that we want a world of peace, transparency, respect and coherence, this text serves to contribute to this construction.

We all have something in common, we are all children (click here to read about being more conscious children to harmonize our home), and we have learned to be the most appropriate children for the family we grew up in, or the most inappropriate, depending of the current belief system. From my own experience I can say that, during my growth, many times I agreed, and many others disagreed, with what I perceived and what my family transmitted to me, I got to distance myself from them to feel free until I felt ready to integrate myself again with a more integral vision of myself on the planet where I am, and thanks to that my family relationships have been transformed. And it is from this experience that I transmit this special message to the people who already have children or who want to have them.

As children we are programmed to observe and learn from what surrounds us in order to adapt to the place where we were born, sometimes we perceive incoherence and, when we don’t receive answers about the reasons why they allow us, or forbid us, to do certain things, we decided to experiment on our own, for better understanding what is behind the decision of the people around us. Here, I explain some points that I consider essential to educate more conscious children through example and coherence (click here to read about conscious parents):

  1. RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS: For our children to learn to feel themselves worth it, and to relate in a respectful and authentic way, they need to perceive us being authentic, establishing priorities that construct what we want in life and respecting everyone and everything around us (click here to read about respect and click here to read about boundaries). Let’s focus more on our personal construction and how to channel it to impact constructively and avoid positive or negative judgment of what others think, feel, do or say.

  2. TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION: Let’s perceive how many lies (including white ones) we say per day and work to avoid them, when we transparently communicate who we are and what we want, in a coherent and respectful way, we build an environment in which truth is a habit and our children also perceive it (click here to read about transparency).
  3. COHERENCE: This is the most important point, because we only achieve coherence when we align feeling, thought, word and action. It is a process of self-observation that requires learning about us to act more consciously (click here to read about our coherence).

Working on our own coherence allows us to build the best example for our children and for all people who love and admire us. Let’s be conscious of the impact we cause and assume responsibility for being, at all times, the best example we can, an example that doesn’t even need to be explained.


Version en español

versão em portugues