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Beyond tags

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Our mind tries to define everything we live to strengthen our identity, but we can train it in order for it to identify itself with the security of living in the present.

Living in the present includes understanding that everything is constantly moving and at the same time there is consistency when we build from our inner peace.

We are everything, we have the potential of constructing peace by directing our resources, in a conscious way, towards that purpose, our tags when integrated potentiates that construction, but being fully aligned with every single decision about our thoughts, feelings and words is the foundation for being the peace we want for the world.

Our experience beyond tags reveals our true affinities and our authenticity, it allows us to accept that we are more than we think and leads us to broaden our perception about our reality.

The evidence is in our experience, it depends on us to perceive it and decide to tune in to what we truly want to build.

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3 tips to detach from the limiting vision we had of our own selves

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The first step to have a healthy relationship with ourselves is RESPECT, that’s why we’ve asked the 3 questions to tranform our self-relationship (click here to read full text). The second step is TO DETACH, stop identifying ourselves with the image that other people have about us and with the possible wrong image we can have about our own selves.

When we define us, it seems like we get to the limit where there’s anything we can change or improve because, simply, we are this way. It’s a way of saying to ourselves that we are fated to that. That’s the reason why it’s very important to check, consciously, the definitions and find a way to transform them, since that makes us feel hopeful and increase the confidence in ourselves.

Today, let’s follow some tips in order to detach from the limiting vision we have of our own selves:

  1. Decide what we want to transform (click here to read about deciding by conviction).
  2. Look for situations where we can exercise our changes.
  3. Focus our energy on the new actions until they become habits (click here to read about constructive habits).

In each definition we find about us, there’s a transformation potential, so, let’s start working on an aspect right now until we can integrate it in our lives. Our nutrition (click here to read about conscious nutrition), our communication, our physical activity, our breathing perhaps? Right now is the moment to start.

We can be whatever we want, the most transparent, coherent and integral way possible.


Version en español

versão em portugues