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Communication is a very important aspect in our life, more than we can imagine. We have learnt to communicate in different ways through gestures, expressions, words and acts to transmit what we think and feel, the thing is learning to communicate in the most appropriate way for ourselves, since each one of us has a different mental, sentimental and physical world, therefore, it is essential to connect to ourselves in order to communicate with all we are.

When we perceive communication as a construction tool, we understand that it is essential to work on our coherence between what we feel, think, say and do, since each one of these aspects strengthens what we build.

There are appropriate moments to communicate, to be silent, to transmit what we are, to build with everything and everyone around, communication is the way of expressing our intention, from it we build our life.

Version en españolversão em portugues


Freedom is part of us since we are born. We are free to construct our own life, and, in order to do this, it is essential that we know the impact that our thoughts, feelings and expression from our intention have.

When something happens in our lives, and we understand it as a consequence of our decisions, we get to learn how to recognize our motivations and to adjust them to construct what we want from our peace.

Constructing from our peace, allows us to learn at our own pace what’s aligned to our life, and transforms our relationship to ourselves and to the world, since we understand that each one of us has the freedom of choosing this option of construction and making appropriate decisions from their peace in the present.

The freedom of being who we truly are is essential to transform society, since we perceive the importance of focusing on constructing more sustainable lives in every aspect.

Instinct, Intuition and Purpose

Version en españolversão em portugues

In order to build everything in our lives, it is essential to start expressing ourselves more aligned to our purpose of peace, since this potentiates the integration of everything we are, to construct the society in peace we always dream of. When we invest our resources in thoughts and expressions that are coherent with our dream, with its appropriate meaning, we give more energy to what we want, therefore, the results get more evident.

As society we have used the term instincs, that, by definition, is an animal reaction of conservation, to justify our decisions, which at some point, when we didn’t know how to communicate and respect, may have been useful, but that nowadays we can change it by the use of the word intuition, that is the faculty of understanding things instantly, so now, we can focus on constructing from a more transparent communication and more authentic relationships, we can trust our intuition to continue our sustainable development.

This construction path is a series of decisions that leads us to project the state of our current vibration, with the conscious and unconscious elements, therefore, when our desire is universal peace, it is necessary to integrate the constant thought of the desire of manifesting the peace that comes from our essence, this programs our subconscious, so we can be more aligned to our integrity, and guides our intuition to always keep ourselves on the path of infinite learning from everything that potentiates our peace in the present.

As we, as social inndividuals, make peace our common purpose, the rest of the resources transform themselves in the mean to get to peace. Some of them need to be adjusted, others just potentiated, but, at the end, everything teaches us that integration is inherent to the purpose of peace (click here to read about activating our purpose mode).


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Version en español versão em portugues