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Deciding by Conviction

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In this last week, I’ve been present in situations in which I’ve perceived that we need to connect with what we are, and how we are, in the current moment, and understand it as a personal result of our own decisions. What would happen if at this moment appears someone who knows our deepest desires and offers us the perfect idea to make them come true? Would we accept anyway, or would we evaluate if the idea is aligned to our values, principles and heart (click here to read about connecting to our hearts)? Would we reflect on the Real benefit that brings to the environment, or we convince ourselves, with our own mind, that, if it makes me happy makes the world happy? 

We are at a time when we have much more information available about what we need and, therefore, we can decide more consciously (click here to read about constructing consciously). It is also essential that we feel ourselves, because, within, we can find answers that only we are able to feel inside, that nobody else can perceive. Let’s think about a moment when we had to decide about something and, thinking about accepting it, everything felt chaotic within, our body shouted “NOOO” and our mind and desires shouted “YEEEEEES”; this is our inside information and it is necessary that we consider it and integrate it, coherently, with external information, to decide accordingly (click here to read about coherence). 

We can choose to make the appropriate decision for us within the environment we’re in, respecting our limits and the limits of others, respecting the environment and the laws of the place we live in. Remember that EVERYTHING, WHAT WE FEEL, THINK, SAY, AND DO, HAS AN INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL IMPACT, so, are we willing to make decisions that, constructively and sustainably, impact ourselves and everything around us?

Everything in life requires a construction, what works for some doesn’t work for others, that is why it is very important that we learn through our own experience. We can do it by applying what we learn from others, or by integrating the information we receive into what already works for ourselves. Let’s ask ourselves this: In the long term, what people tell us to do has a sustainable development and a positive impact on us, our family, society and the planet? To get to this answer we would need to know, transparently and integrally, the life of the person who applies it, and we don’t have that information, so, what if we begin by accepting who we are and where we are, recognizing what we have done in our own lives that has worked out and transform what is not into learning to create our own way of doing things (click here to read about transparency)?

This reflection comes from my feeling of unity, of what I live and what I perceive. I am convinced that by being more conscious and coherent, from within, we are able to express awareness and coherence in the planet we live in. We can choose, I choose to decide in a constructive, sustainable and coherent way for a more human society. By internalizing what we receive, we find the answers we need.


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Version en español versão em portugues