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Does it resonate?

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Peace is a feeling we can be conscious about. It is always within and, when we perceive it, we are able to make decisions that truly resonate with it in our present.

As our peace vibrates and resonates with certain people, environments and situations, our thoughts and emotions vibrate too, therefore, it is essential to perceive what we’re prioritizing in our life.

Our peace can be constructed and maintained, in a conscious way, by always deciding to think, feel, say and do what truly resonates with it in the present. Our personal coherence strengthens our peace.

What do we feel when we think about peace? This answer is the guide of our decisions to build our inner peace and project it in our reality.

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Soul Mates

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Due to the impact the idea that a soul mate exists might have, it is important that we broaden our perception on this matter, so we can understand that it is essential to really know who we are, and what we want, before making any commitment to another person. When we understand that we are complete, and that we perceive fragments of ourselves in others, we understand that, at the appropriate moment, we can decide to commit to a person who chooses to commit to us with the conviction that we can empower each other while we construct together, since we work for the same purpose from our own authenticity.

Depending on the stage of life we’re in, conscious or not of our mental, emotional and sentimental worlds, we have different soul mates, people who vibrate, think and act like us, and who we decide to keep in our life because of many reasons we need to, constantly, assess, which doesn’t mean that we will remain in that state for the rest of our lives. We, who want to manifest a relationship that potentiate our peace, can consider these aspects (click here to read about manifesting the relationship we desire):

  1. Strengthening our peace: when we make decisions based on what increases our peace we get to learn from reflection, what strengthen our natural state and connects us to the appropriate people for aligning ourselves to our hearts.

  2. Expressing our authenticity: knowing who we are from our essence, and expressing it, is essential, since, that is the only way we can build relationships with a solid and transparent foundation.

  3. Understanding that every relationship is unique: we are all different, therefore, all relationships are different. When we get to perceive it, we have the chance to start every relationship from zero and to construct together what brings us peace as a couple.

When we decide to transform ourselves into our most complete version, we perceive the importance of our talent integrated to the context to be permeated by transparency (click here to read about exercising transparency), coherence (click here to read about coherence), respect (click here to read about respect) and integrity, since, from these aspects, we construct solid foundation to potentiate each other. We can decide to stop looking for a soul mate that completes us and begin to become the soul mate that empowers us, to recognize ourselves in the other, and to construct the family of integrity that we want, from consciousness.


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