The Story of a Being…

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Today I tell you the story of a violent being who lived on the top of a hill and sang odes to the wind. His being assimilated the intense understanding that it was his expression that freed him from fear. Once the subject was understood, he perceived that if he did so, his energy circulated and put himself into a state of joy.

This is the tail of an easy and practical dynamic, of how we transform ourselves by reliving the simple motivational moments, which we have always carried in our hearts. When we do what is born from our hearts we raise our vibration, we enter a state of flux and reconnection with ourselves and everything that exists around us.

Doing simple things like singing, laughing, cooking, sharing, reading, writing, or anything else that we do with love, we feel new dimensions of the same situations and see new angles of the same people. It is wonderful to perceive how simple inclusive actions can expand our perspectives and teach us that there are always other ways to channel energy as directing it to build habits that make us feel more connected to everything and everyone around us.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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