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Transforming Humanity Through Consciousness

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Expanding our consciousness is to seek knowledge, understanding that there are other points of view and that this contributes to a solid foundation through the inclusion and integration of all elements of society, from here we see respect as a fundamental resource to really unite humanity (click here to read the text about respectful connections) and integrate it to the planet and the current resources in a respectful way too (click here to read the text about respect).

As human beings, we need to assume responsibility for the reality that we live, it is not the fault of the government, of our parents, of the extraterrestrials, of the angels, it is our responsibility (we decide), the more knowledge we have about our own processes, and we integrate them to the society we live in, the easier it gets to perceive ourselves as part of the whole, a grain of sand can cause a great impact by joining other grains of sand willing to construct peace and when our energy and resources are focused on that something different is achieved (click here to read the text about constructing peace)

Nothing and nobody can take responsibility for our actions, so it is important that we begin to see life as an infinite learning and that we receive with gratitude what comes to us, because it is part of what we are (click here to read the text about presence and gratitude) and learn from it. From there, we perceive that our habits lead us to create our reality and that by changing them our reality changes, then, What do we really want? (click here to read the text about living the life we ​​deserve).

If what we want is a transparent, respectful and coherent humanity, it is our duty, as human beings, to begin to construct transparency, respect and coherence in the way we relate to ourselves and the world, by understanding and building that, we get to expand it to others and we become examples of peacebuilders for those who know us.




Version en español versão em portugues

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