Transmutation of the Being: 4 aspects to connect to what we truly are

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Our life is a personal construction that may be unconscious or conscious. Everything that manifests is our responsability, it depends on us to decide taking that in a conscious way in order to connect to our real selves for detaching of what we think we are.

Being who we really are is recognizing that the responsability about what we think, feel and express is totally ours, the decisions of every little thing in our lives it’s been made by ourselves (although sometimes it seems otherwise, it only takes one decision to change our present). That’s why we must be the most conscious possible about our own perception system, understanding how it works leads us to a deeper comprehension about ourselves (click here to buy the book 7 Levels for Personal Empowerment).

For getting to know who we reall are, it is necessary to perceive, integrate and transform, consciously, these 4 aspects:

  1. Beliefs: the filters that impact our perception of the world.
  2. Emotions: reactions that lead us to make decisions in a mental and impulsive way.
  3. Actions: the way ew nurture and strenghten ourselves, focus and use our bodies to express ourselves.
  4. Words: opinions and ideas we transmit.

Our true essence is in our state of flow and peace, as we broaden our perspective, we choose the mentality, the feeling and the expression, more aligned to our truth, becoming more coherent with our desire of integration of the heart (click here to read about coherence).

Let’s contribute, be authentic and work for a more conscious world.


Version en español

versão em portugues

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