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Understanding Our Vices

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It is common to find people judging others for their vices, especially when we talk about substances such as alcohol and drugs, but are we aware of our own vices? Since childhood we have vices, which sometimes we are not aware of, and, as we grow, we strengthen or create others, something that seems common as speaking badly or well about peopla, thinking pessimistically or optimistically, consume food with or without nutritional consciousness, being manipulative or submissive, all these examples are extremes of vices that we have and that may, or may not, be constructive and sustainable in the place we live, but at a certain moment can become destructive and unsustainable, as we have more knowledge integrated to the experience, and we perceive that we can find an appropriate measure for everything in life, especially when we have a purpose.

We’ve always been observers, and every person we know can be an example of something we want to integrate into our life or something that we don’t. For me, drugs were never an option, because I saw people who ended up living in the streets, disoriented, and thought that it wasn’t necessary, not even to try it. But yes, I’ve tried alcohol, since I always saw people laughing and drinking, however, when I realized that I could have fun when I wasn’t under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, I decided it was unnecessary, and, nowadays, there are very few drinks with alcohol that I like for its flavor to have one of them from time to time or to mix them in a dessert.

These days, reflecting on the reason for our vices, I’ve perceived that our mental and emotional desires make us look for satisfaction in things that make us forget temporarily what we don’t know how to accept in our life, and what most leads us to that emotional roaller coaster is not having a purpose that permeates our whole life, that allows us to recognize our talents, work them and integrate them into the context, which leads us to use our time and resources to build from our own decisions, feelings, thoughts, words and actions..

Let’s understand that, as people, we’re always an example that can be imitated or rejected, then we can welcome constructing peace in all areas of our lives based on self-knowledge, integrity, transparency and coherence, as a purpose, so that we learn to make more conscious  decisions from the knowledge that is already available to construct from the differences.



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Version en español versão em portugues

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